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***    Must be a BDCTA member in good standing.  ***

  1. Scores may only be submitted for shows after BDCTA Membership join date

  2. Have a minimum of four volunteer hours with BDCTA and attend at least two general meetings

    1. Christmas party counts as two

  3.  Rider must enter two BDCTA events (one of which must be a show) during the awards year  

  4.  Recognized show scores submitted must be acquired under USEF judges

  5.  Schooling show scores submitted must be acquired under judges that meet BDCTA qualifications as stated in the awards  rules. It is the riders responsibility to submit only scores that qualify. Riders may text Deb Gray 205-243-7936 on questions concerning judges' qualifications

  6.  For Leading Horse Awards, scores submitted must be from at least two different shows and two different judges

  7.  Must submit 3 tests within each division entered. Each division on a different awards form.

    1. IE: In training division rider may submit 2  scores from test 1 and 1 score from test 3 or rider may submit 3 scores from test 2 from 3 different shows

  8. Eventing or Combined Test scores may only be submitted if rider finishes all phases

    1. IE: If it is a CT test and rider is eliminated on stadium the dressage score can not be used for awards

  9.  Leading Rider Division has no minimum or maximum number of test scores required and is based on placings only

    1. BDCTA shows points count double in this division

  10. Riders must send in copy of test unless score is from BDCTA show

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