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BDCTA Judge Qualifications

BDCTA recognizes three categories of judges whose scores would qualify for our Year End Awards. A judge must meet at least one of the following three qualifications for scores to be eligible for BDCTA Year End Awards Program.

  • Category #1: Judges may Judge any Class or Level

    • ​Licensed by the USEF/USDF/USEA at the “r”, “R” level or higher.

  • Category #2: Judges may Judge any Class through 2nd Level

    • The judge must be a USDF Certified Instructor at 3rd level or higher or must be a USEA Certified Instructor ICP Level II or higher.

  • Category #3: Judges may Judge USDF Training/USEA Novice Level and Lower

    • The judge must have an established show record at Third Level or above for Dressage or Preliminary Level Eventing with USEF. A successful show record is defined in which the individual received 3 or more scored (at 2 different venues or more) above 60% or under 40 penalty points in the stated divisions.

    • The judge may be credited by a nationally recognized instructor program

Members are responsible for verifying that the judges meet one of the above qualifications when submitting scores for year end awards. Members may text Deb Gray at 205-243-7936 for any questions on judges qualifications . Also a list of licensed judges, instructors, and competition records are available at the below websites:

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